NYC-based DJ/producer duo LUNDØN has linked up with L.A.-based rock singer/songwriter Loveless for their newest collaborative offering, “Don’t Turn This Car Around.” After releasing solo music for a while, Justin Peeling recently joined forces with Jeff Updike to form the present-day iteration of LUNDØN. The track directly follows Peeling’s recent release “Ride Or Die” alongside Kramos, as well as Loveless’ new track “Down Again.”

Out now, “Don’t Turn This Car Around” is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The harmonious, textured vocal, courtesy of Loveless’ Julian Comeau, effortlessly flows throughout the track’s entirety, serving as a prime accompaniment to LUNDØN’s hefty bass-lines and heart-soaring drops. The melancholic theme of the tune is executed flawlessly, in large part due to the raw emotion and power behind Comeau’s harmonious singing of the track’s profoundly rich lyrics.

Overall, LUNDØN’s hard-hitting dance music production elements act as a great addition to the pop-rock sensibilities Loveless is so well-known for, in turn crafting the perfect sonic marriage between dance music and indie rock.

LUNDØN is a Manhattan-based electronic dance music DJ duo that recently formed within the last year. Consisting of Justin Peeling and Jeff Updike (formerly known as Stvylight), the pair’s first time working with one another was on last October’s ‘Whoever’s Next’ alongside Reece Young and Brandon Elgar. Reeling off its success and wanting to take things further, they eventually decided to link up with one another to form LUNDØN, marking their first release with ‘Don’t Turn This Car Around’.

lundon and loveless

Loveless approached us with the song in 2018, but I felt like it needed something more, so it sat on the back burner, until now, and we produced it into what it is today. The song is about metaphorically not turning the car around. In life, we face obstacles, and despite those obstacles, we need to always be traveling forward no matter how hard it gets. We chose Loveless to sing on the song because we worked with him on our previous track, ‘You & Me,’ and decided to try something different.”  – LUNDØN

Julian Comeau, also known as Loveless, is a pop-rock vocalist and instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles, California. Since his inception earlier in the year, he has been consistently releasing new tracks with each month since April, setting an exciting precedent for what’s to come for him moving forward.

As LUNDØN’s first official release of the new decade, and Loveless’ fifth release ever, it’ll be a treat to see where their overwhelmingly abundant talents take both groups in the second half of 2020 and onward.

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