We attempt to actualize our dreams, but barriers are inevitable. Our attitude during these situations determines whether we fail or succeed. Failure is not meant to limit our quest for any life goal. Instead, we are supposed to learn from it. Dollas Up Nero believes failure builds character.

Dollas Up Nero is a rapper and entrepreneur who knows too well why it is important to keep your head high during adversity. His consistent rise to stardom has been marked by challenges that have in turn taught him a thing or two about perseverance. He has sourced motivational cues that elevate his mood and being, especially during trying moments.

Music is supposed to uplift our souls. It is meant to connect us with artists who work hard to show us the other side of things. Dollas Up Nero understands this rationale, a reason why he describes his songs to be authentic. His lyrics always tell a story, that of the man behind the deep, captivating voice. A person who was once knocked down but rose up to realize his potential in life. A social being who appreciates the power of giving through his music. He believes the world is a better place when we share our experiences in whichever way possible.

Dollas Up Nero is also an established business person who more than frequently encounters daunting limitations. Frostiez is an establishment that sells clothing brands and cannabis in California. Dollas Up Nero has witnessed the growth of his business. Any memory that comes from this, motivates him to work hard. He always advises young people to find their purpose in life. His was in music. When he indulged more into it, other realizations became relevant. Dollas Up Nero never knew that he had intricate entrepreneurship and management skills, there were not divinely assigned to him. With every obstacle he experienced while developing Frostiez, he creatively came up with a solution to mitigate the negative outcomes. The same outcomes that inspired him to envision the best for his life, and business.

The pressure from competitors does not scare Dollas Up Nero. He knows about his potential more than anyone else. Competition, especially from other rappers, reminds him that he has more to do to improve his vocals and approach to writing lyrics. This motivates him to seek assistance or advice whenever necessary. It takes an experienced conscious to know and do such a thing. His business is a result of active engagement with other entrepreneurs who impart him with words of wisdom on how he can become better.

Dollas Up Nero has yet to show the world his best. He is turning his passion into a story and hopes to turn these stories into something bigger.