Each year numerous music videos are being released and 2022 is not an exception. Despite the huge number of music videos, we still have those which are rated the best. Let’s explore the top music videos of 2022 and get blown away by these incredible lists. (Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash)

1. Max Cooper – Exotic Contents

Max Cooper has revealed that his next album is titled “Unspoken Words,” and it was released on Mesh on March 25. The second single from the album is titled “Exotic Contents.” The video for it is a marvel of digital art created by Xander Steenbrugge.

As part of the Unspoken Words project, Cooper has been looking into the problems that come with using words to talk to each other. “The name ‘Exotic Contents’ comes from the idea that when we can’t see something right away. It’s difficult to communicate with other people since it’s entirely internal and personal.

This challenge stems from Wittgenstein’s argument about private language. He compares the situation to that of a beetle trapped inside a box.

In the “Exotic Contents” show, he collaborated with machine learning expert Xander Steenbrugge. He presented this concept in a straightforward manner. Together, they developed a method for transforming written narratives into images.

Max Cooper maintains his impressive run of music video assignments.  This was done with the help of Steenbruge and their remarkable use of generative artificial intelligence.


2. Chance the Rapper – Child of God

The rapper’s debut single as the main artist in 2022 is “Child of God.” It features Ghanaian-American singer Moses Sumney.

Chance met Gabonese artist Nala Opiangah in Accra. She was inspired by her interactions with Chance to make a 6’x11′ piece of art. That is her signature: a complicated mesh of the naked bodies of Black women.

The “Child of God” music video illustrates Opiangah’s artwork. It also shows Chance’s songs matured in his studio House of Kicks.

As Chance raps with Biblical imagery and a personal passion, Opiangah’s artwork climbs towards the lofty ceilings.

It seems that Chance’s children of God may be of any age. The second stanza contains reflections on youth, a recurring topic in Chance’s writing.

Prior to the song’s release, Chance said on Instagram that it is about confidence, purpose, and the process.

He seems to be leaning towards all three on “Child of God,” where he sounds revitalised.

This really simple and sweet video is a thoughtful look at the power of art to make the world a more peaceful place.


3. Florence & The Machine – King

The new video for Florence’s song is a great example of how to pair images with music. It is epic, beautiful, ethereal, and mysterious.

Florence + The Machine have returned with a brand new single titled “King”. This video came after the release of their 2018 studio album High as Hope. This song seems to be the first sign of a new studio album.

Florence Welch is pictured as a goddess of healing. In the February 23 music video, she acknowledges her shortcomings and failed romances.

This is one of the most interesting movies because of how well it uses colour, symbols, and dance.


4. Ghost – Call Me Little Sunshine

This new Ghost video is a trip down memory lane for people who miss late-night MTV from the 1990s. It shows industrial metal in all the right ways.


5. Animal Collective – We go Back

The masters of surreal indie electronic pop are back with their best work in years. This includes their best video, a wacky journey through 3D scans of pop music.


6.  5 Seconds of Summer – Complete Mess

5 Seconds of Summer’s ten-year anniversary album came out in 2011. Their fifth studio album will come out in late 2022, and the first song will be called “Complete Mess.”

On February 18, 2022, the band sent a fan a magazine and retweeted a tweet she made about the song’s title and release date. This was an unofficial way to let people know about the song. But the official news came a week later, on February 25, in the form of an Instagram post with the official cover art for the song.

Before the song’s debut, 5 Seconds of Summer teased it for a long time. The first two snippets were released on TikTok by 5SOS on February 19th and 20th. They began releasing the excerpts on Twitter a few days later. 

The first ones, on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of February, were all significant. The band uploaded the last excerpt, which revealed part of the lyrics for Complete Mess, on March 1st, a day before the song’s release.


7. Grimes – Shinigami Eyes

Grimes, a Canadian singer-producer and visual artist, has just released her second single in too many months. The single is titled “Shinigami Eyes.” It comes accompanied by a futuristic music video with trippy visuals. 

In the video, South Korean rapper Jennie Kim of BlackPink makes a guest appearance. Grimes can be noticed wearing elf ear prosthetics.


8.  Folly Group – Faint of Hearts

A beautifully depressing music video.  It is to complement Folly Group’s meticulously crafted electronic, dance, and post-punk themes.


9. Toro Y Moi – Postman

Toro Y Moi has produced yet another excellent indie dance track. This time with a video that is shot and put together in an artistic way but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The song “Postman” is a slinky psych-funk groove driven by bass, tambourine, and Bear’s vocals. It also has a Bootsy Collins-like feel. The song also has periodic electric yelps as an accent.

The music video was directed by Kid. Studio. It shows him riding around San Francisco in a jeepney driven by the same Filipino who is on the cover of Mahal.

The video transitions from live action to animation during the danceable double-time breakdown of the song.


10. The Joker and The Queen – Ed Sheeran ft. Taylor Swift

Sheeran and Swift surprised their fans all over the world with their new duet. They sang to each other about how love can help someone open up to the person they love, even if it is scary and dangerous.

Their first collaboration together, “Everything Has Changed,” was released nine years prior to this new song. 

The music video for the band’s song “The Joker and the Queen,” focuses on this theme. It shows how a couple’s love can last through even the hardest times.

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Article by Mia Hug