Worlds Apart, a fast-rising new artist about to turn into a global sensation, links up with buzzing star Scarlett for a must-hear new single in the fairy tale-driven track called “Never After.” The track is about a person who doesn’t see limitations, and would rather “die free” than live a limited life. Together, the song embodies haunting piano progressions, deep ambient atmospheres, soaring melodies in the build, and then two powerful diverse drops.

Worlds Apart on making “Never After”:

“Life is a fairy tale – sometimes light and filled with optimism and beautiful things; sometimes dark and filled with challenges and monsters around every turn. You can either be the character in your fairy tale, or you can be the storywriter – which one will you choose?”

Worlds Apart is on a mission to spread a message of love, hope, and excitement to as many people as they can. In 2023, anticipate a Worlds Apart takeover in today’s music which includes more new music and, of course, a new project on the horizon. For newfound fans, now is the perfect time to hop on the Worlds Apart bandwagon.

Check out the new single below, and afterward, feel free to follow Worlds Apart on social media.