Dr. Erick Pagan, The Singing Dentist, and world-famous producer Chris Rosa (Jamie Foxx) link up for the buzzing remix to the new pop hit “Devil.” The latest collaboration blends intriguing lyrics with a radio-friendly hook that draws attention instantly. The song brings awareness of bio-sludge,” an issue plaguing rural communities across the nation.

The original is a two-year-old hit that Pagan creates a documentary-bred music video recently released to fans. The song exhibits Pagan and members of his community’s views on trucks filled with this waste as they sped past his house to be dumped locally on farmland. This was followed by the immediate smell of this horrible concoction. This roaring sound, the smell and the harm that followed Pagan calls “The Devil roaring down the road”, thus the title of his song “Devil”.

The remix sheds light on an industry where human bio waste is mixed with farm animal waste and injected into the American food chain via its use as a “fertilizer” on crops. This “Bio-sludge” is very costly to dispose of and requires the need to be landfilled. The remix is the perfect origin point for newfound fans to get familiar with Erick Pagan and Chris Rosa, which you may follow on social media.

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