21 year-old singer/songwriter Kat Leigh has just announced the details regarding their debut, self-titled EP. The released was produced by Erik Ron (Panic! At the Disco, Set It Off, Godsmack) and will be released on October 11th via BMG.

Alongside the EP announcement, Leigh has also released their newest single, “Criminal.” The track itself shines a light on how one’s personal style or interests can feel unlawful in the eyes of others.

‘Criminal’ to me is a very personal song believe it or not,” shares Leigh. “I’m from a conservative, religious family so my darker style was not something they took lightly for much of my life. They would throw away certain decorations I had in my room if they felt it was ‘anti-religion’ or even ‘anti-republican.’ They would say I only liked these movies and listened to this music because I ‘hadn’t found God.’ One day I came home with ‘red rum’ (The Shining) tattooed on the backs of my wrists and that was their last straw. My step-mom called me a murderer/an advocate, they said it was evil, etc. I’ve always kind of been the ‘devil’s daughter’ in their eyes and for no reason other than I like scary movies, tattoos, and loud music. So to be literally called a murderer for simply having my own style was my last straw. ‘Criminal’ is an ode to that time and also poking fun at adults who take kids finding themselves and their styles so seriously.

Kat Leigh used the pandemic lockdown as an opportunity to focus on their creativity; writing material for their forthcoming debut EP, filming videos, painting, and taking photos. Musically, Kat’s influences span genres ranging from Tyler the Creator to Avril Lavigne to Amy Winehouse. Lyrically, Kat boldly channels uncomfortable topics and underrepresented experiences. Over the course of five tracks, they explore their mother’s illness and the emotional fallout which surrounded it, their parent’s divorce, sexual harassment, and gender identity through poignant and relatable lyrics. Though Kat initially took to music as a means of distraction and cathartics, they hope to create a sense of community and let others know they are not alone.


Kat Leigh


  1. Somebody Else
  2. U Know Where To Find Me
  3. Criminal
  4. Asking For It
  5. Perfect