There have been numerous Stephen King adaptations brought to the big screen through the years. Some have been less than stellar, but others have endured as fantastic horror movies. Through the last few months we’ve been getting peeks at the upcoming movie adaptation of IT, and the trailer that just dropped has us convinced this will be a horror movie for the ages.

This trailer shows more of what the Losers’ Club has to contend with. Not only are they being pursued by an ancient and powerful evil masquerading as a clown, they also have to deal with the more everyday evils of sadistic school bullies and uncaring adults. Speaking of the clown, Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård) is front and center for this trailer, and he is truly the stuff of nightmares. The unnerving chant of “you’ll float, too” on repeat doesn’t help, either.

From the trailers we’ve seen so far, IT seems to capture the creeping dread of King’s novel along with the visceral scares and frights. We’ll know for certain come September 8.