Styles collide for the sake of dance, popular recording artist Asher Shashaty links up with fellow buzzing artist whoskevin? on the release of their first collaboration, titled “The Void.” The collaboration tells an emotional story, blending the two artist’s signature techniques and creativity. Check out the song below.

Driven by Asher Shashaty on the boards, “The Void” is a live drum feel on the percussion lays down a solid foundation, thick sidechains drive a quaint future bass feel, and dirty synths help inject a level of darkness where it fits, but also a sense of hopeful emotion in the chorus. Taking full advantage of the creative chemistry that flows between them, the two working well together which is showcased in a balanced fashion.

“This song is inspired by the constant search about always trying to feel complete. We tend to lean towards temporary fixes instead of dealing with our issues head on,” said whoskevin?.

Shashaty on working with whoskevin?: “Asher Shashaty and whoskevin? came together for the first time to make a beautiful blend of what they both love in music.”

For newfound fans, we are treated to Shashaty’s unique style, sound, and genre range that he often finds himself with no mainstream comparisons to align with. While whoskevin? weaves in a catchy unique vocals with alternative rock infused with electronic elements. It’s the perfect origin point for

“The Void” is available everywhere via Asher Shashaty. For more on the two, follow them on social media.

Stream the new single below.