Rising alt/pop star phem has just released perhaps her most vulnerable song yet, “watery.”

True to its title, the track is a tear-jerker and showcases the poignant songwriting abilities that phem has become well-known for. The song has already had a life of its own on social media, and had fans across the globe singing along to the ultra-catchy chorus. The song stems from a place of true authenticity, and was written about the singer’s personal mental health journey.

“I couldn’t have expected it would resonate so deeply with people.. i guess its the feelings of hopelessness & the simplicity in which i describe it. that might be more relatable than trying to be overly poetic about it,” phem explains. “The night that “watery” was conceived was not the same day it was recorded. these were words i wrote down when i was all alone in the middle of the night.. feeling really hopeless about the magnitude of things i had to take care of. nobody had any answers or solutions for me. the feelings were so overwhelming that i couldnt cry.  i kinda just laid there with watery eyes.  a drop nvr even got to fall.. and thats an even darker feeling than actually being able to cry.”

Listen to the new track from phem below.