There are very few bands who can captivate their audience from start to finish, but Future Islands is the exception to the rule. Fronted by Samuel Herring, a chameleon of movement and vocal styles, Future Islands had every audience member in The Riv in the palm of his hand. The band made their first appearance on national television on The Late Show With David Letterman in 2014, and dozens of music critics suddenly realized the power they had. Since then, Herring and company have played festivals around the world and sold out venues both big and small.

Last week, Future Islands sold out The Riv in Chicago and brought along local artist Millo for the ride. Millo, a hip-hop artist born in Chicago and currently living in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has collaborated with lot of indie greats, including Herring himself. His crew of collaborators and musicians (who dub themselves Ruby Yacht) gave the crowd something to chew on before the main act.

Playing songs from their newest album, The Far Field, as well as hits from their nearly decade-long career, Future Islands displayed both an air of mystery and a raw openness that very few bands can pull off. With a projection of sparkling lights behind him, Herring connected to the crowd every chance he could, grabbing hands and making deep eye contact. Attending a show like this will reinforce your belief in the importance and power of live music.


Future Islands