Do you want to explore the galaxy, or are you running away from Earth? That is the question at the heart of the latest exciting single from Nick Phoenix.

How many of us have looked up at the stars and dreamed of exploring the cosmos? The more brazen amongst us may have even drawn up plans for their own rocketship, possibly with room for their pets. We know we will probably never make it to the stars, but looking up and dreaming about them has inspired countless people to pursue their greatest dreams. But there’s another side to the idea of escapism that may not be good for us, which is what Nick Phoenix explores on his latest single, “Andromeda.”

Featuring cinematic visuals and lush, well-rounded production, “Andromeda” takes consumers on a journey into the heart of what drives us. Are we compelled to act out of desire or fear, and if it’s the latter, are the actions we take correct? Phoenix stops short of making declarative statements, choosing instead to revel in the uncertainty of it all.

In a world where everyone is looking for the next big sound, Phoenix is doing what makes him happy, and it’s having a similar effect on us. Check it out:


Speaking about “Andromeda,” Phoenix exaplins:

“The song is about an astronomer who dreams of visiting the Andromeda Galaxy and he designs a propulsion system. The song delves into whether he is looking to escape this world and all its pitfalls, or is he just secretly in love with his assistant here on earth?”.  He continues “We chose the Caltech campus because the setting speaks to groundbreaking science, but has a bit of a romantic, throwback feel.  The desert settings are in line with what some distant planet’s surface might look like.  We hope everyone embraces the imagery and how it relates to the song”.

Nick Phoenix is well known in the Movie & TV sync world as part of the highly successful Two Steps From Hell production company with partner Thomas Bergersen. Currently on tour in Europe, Two Steps From Hell has been producing all manner of film trailers and sporting events since the early 2000s: music to accompany the biggest imagery imaginable. Their work on movie trailers has soundtracked the worlds of ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Batman’, ‘Harry Potter,’ and more. They are the most streamed Film & TV music company in the world, have accumulated more than 4 Billion views on Youtube and 1 billion across all streaming platforms.

Where Nick Phoenix goes from here is anyone’s guess. Two Steps from hell is headed to Europe soon, but we hope to see Phoenix make a solo outing before too long. In the meantime, we’ll continue streaming his music and watching his glorious videos. You should too. Your soul will thank you.