Las Vegas quartet Amarionette premieres their latest single and music video today on Substream Magazine! The new single titled “Simple”, hones 80’s funk-rock with a bit of pop sensibility that lays on top of their mathy prog hardcore influenced guitars. This is a band that Substream has had their eyes and ears on for quit some time now. “Simple” is another dazzling effort, sugar glazed and thoroughly moreish, with the Sin City squad supporting the single drop with a set at So What?! Music Festival alongside the likes of Simple Plan, The Ghost Inside and Stand Atlantic.





“This high energy, action packed track was written almost a year ago during the pandemic, and we are excited that ‘Simple’ is finally seeing the light of day. It’s very inspired, and we anticipate that our fanbase is going to love it. Be sure to be on the lookout for more tunes, as we are gearing up to release a new full length later on this year!” – Nick Raya


Their 2020 release ‘Sunset On This Generation’ is a heady blend of genre-bending synth rock and mouth-watering pop, with splashes of heavier, post-hardcore influence throughout; uplifting and gregarious, unmistakably Amarionette.



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