Colombian-American recording artist Paloma O’Leary introduces herself to the masses with the release of her debut EP, entitled Siren Song. Produced by Ali Stone and BAT Studios, the Washington D.C. native fuses her love for music with her passion for the sea for her formal introduction. On the EP, the bilingual pop star documents loss, empowerment and self-love, and pays tribute to the singer-songwriter’s Latina roots — drawing inspiration from latin legends such as Alejandro Sanz and Shakira.

“I wanted to create this EP to combine two loves—music and water,” says O’Leary. “Water is such a powerful force and like love, it can completely overwhelm you. We have to take care of it, whether that’s someone you love or a close friendship. When we abuse the ocean it suffers and when we are mistreated we have to learn to take our power back.”

As a vocalist, O’Leary’s captivating voice echoes boldly as she delivers heartfelt Spanish and English lyrics that intertwine with ballad rhythms or flamenco-laced melodies, pulling listeners in much like a siren from the very start. The young singer-songwriter’s versatile talents do not go unnoticed and “Siren Song” marks the beginning of an illustrious career dedicated to spreading a positive and impactful message for her generation and the world’s future.

After the EP, feel free to follow the rising star daily on social media. Now is the perfect time to become a fan of Paloma O’Leary as she ascends to superstar status. Get familiar with her today, stream Siren Song below.