Actress and singer/songwriter Maddie Glass falls under the category of “mall pop-punk” when it comes to her music. Through her unapologetic vocals, jagged pop-punk rhythms, and emo-infused power chords, she has successfully written the revenge anthem for the season. 

Today she releases “Kiss Your Best Friend,” which she confides, “I was looking for some humor in the swirling of emotions that come with heartbreak, I wanted to poke fun at the situation by writing a song with some “what-if” scenarios to even the score and lighten the mood. While I would never actually revenge kiss an ex’s best friend, although the opportunity tends to arise, the idea is amusing. The lyrics are relatable and it’s a really upbeat breakup song to listen to loud and sing out as you take your power back and realize they weren’t worth the tears after all.” 

Being born and raised in New York City, this upcoming artist grew up acting and performing all over Manhattan and on off-Broadway shows. 

After attending NYU, she soon began songwriting; crafting witty, candid, and relatable lyrics over a 2000s throwback sound. 

“Kiss Your Best Friend” chronicles the what-if scenario of revenge kissing your ex’s best friend. With emo-infused power chords under Maddie’s unique vocal chops singing an attention-grabbing melody, “Kiss Your Best Friend” is the perfect revenge song for the season. 

Her debut EP Thank you for Breaking my Heart, a collection of coming-of-age songs is set to be released later this year.