Fast-rising rock band Them Evils continues their ascent with a barn burner of a new single that is sure to have you moving and grooving in no time.

The spirit of rock ‘n roll is a muscle car tearing down a long stretch of highway at top speed with the windows down and one stiff middle finger thrust into the air. There is a sense of rebellion to it, as though you’re getting away with everything that would make your parents turn pale. Rock is, at its best, a lawless and unpredictable place where the most driven and hardest working musicians inevitably get their chance to shine.

Them Evils embodies rock ‘n roll the same way their heroes did. The three-piece present themselves as crass outliers existing beyond the reach of traditional civilization. One look at their promotional photos and you’ll understand that the only thing these men care about is the next song that will change your life. There is no ego or braggadocio to be found anywhere in their branding. Them Evils are not rock stars or saints. They are artists trying to make a living on their dreams, and their latest single shows they’re well on their way to achieving their goals.

Burner” is a reckless rock song made for driving over the speed limit and outrunning your worst decision. It brings to mind the heyday of hair metal, but with the grit of modern rock storytelling, the video tries to balance these two ideas. As you can see below, the clip finds the band running late to a gig, which leads them to tear through streets and their green room before making it to the stage right on time to rock. Check it out:

Pretty gnarly, right? Them Evils have been kicking ass and taking names for a while now, but something about “Burner” feels more urgent than other material. The driving nature of the song makes you feel alive in a way few tracks ever achieve, and the hook lives rent-free in your head long after the music comes to a close. If that isn’t the sign of a hit, I don’t know what is, nor do I care to find out.