Maybe I would seem less selfish with a mutual interest in progress.

Things change, people grow, and time continues to crawl forward. It’s the universal truth that surrounds being human and maintaining relationships. People will either choose to grow with you or try to tether you to something you’re trying to move forward from and because of that, there’s a chance that your friends now won’t be your friends a year from now. That’s a difficult pill to swallow and doesn’t come without its fair share of pain and anxiety, but you’ll learn to surrender to the ebb and flow of it all. Turnover soundtracked this idea pretty well on a long-forgotten track called “Wither” when Austin droned “Everyone leaves and everything dies/There is no exception to the passing of time” and in that same spirit, we’ve got an incredible new song from Indiana rockers The Weekend Classic.

I couldn’t be more stoked to share “Mutual Interest” with y’all today! This is the second single from their new Better Health EP out this April on Rude Records. Using a similar metaphor to plant-life and energy akin to the earlier work of Knuckle Puck, the band keeps in line with the idea that in order to keep moving forward, people need to change.

This concept is at it’s strongest throughout the second half of the chorus, as we’re thrown into the real emotional weight of the track as it builds around the lyrics “So I’ll tangle my roots in your flesh and your bone/And make use of all the nutrients and call you my home/And if you feel abandoned when you are alone/Darling, please don’t forget/It takes some time and sunlight to grow.” The music video also nods at the idea as it sees the band rip and roar through the track in an empty greenhouse.

When asked about the track, The Weekend Classic says: “Mutual Interest is a song about a stagnant, yet hopeful relationship. Every relationship has problems and people fight, but it takes time for relationships to grow.”

The music video for “Mutual Interest” can be seen above. Better Health is out April 6th on Rude Records. Snag your copy of the record here.