The countdown to Lover is ramping up. Today marks a month until Taylor Swift‘s highly-anticipated seventh studio album hits the shelf. To date we’ve heard the Brendon Urie-assisted “ME!” and the cameo heavy “You Need To Calm Down,” both more upbeat tracks. Following an Instagram Live video this evening, Swift slowed things down with the release of new track “The Archer.”

“The Archer” is definitely a ballad, and it’s a good one. Swift explores the strain and turmoil that happens in relationships, both romantic and in friendships. It clearly weighs on her, as many of the lyrics contain references to battle, and Swift freely admits she’s been on both sides of the equation. “I’ve been the archer, I’ve been the prey” she sings on the chorus. The track was produced by Jack Antonoff, and features a few pop flourishes and a driving beat to breathe further life into the track.

You can listen to “The Archer” below. Taylor Swift is set to drop Lover on August 23, with pre-orders available here.