South African-bred Marc Illy is an accomplished businessman and recording artist with a very promising future at the top of the charts thanks to his fast-growing popularity. Toured with the iconic duo of Method Man and Redman and established attention with breakout cuts like, “Al3ne” and “Smooth”. Today, after a brief hiatus, Marc continues to fuel his newfound popularity with the release of his return single, properly-titled, “Kept You Waiting”.

Creating the new hit in Taiwan, “Kept You Waiting” addresses his six-year absence with an apologetic open letter to fans. Vulnerable, creative, and honest, Marc’s new single is a bonafide runaway hit. While something for longtime fans, the single also delivers a charismatic first impression for newfound fans.

Unfamiliar with Marc Illy? Born in Pittsburgh, Illy was raised in Cape Town, South Africa and as a young adult bounced around to Costa Mesa, Florida and California. Before planting himself in Los Angeles, the recording artist/entrepreneur spent two-and-half years abroad, traveling throughout the eastern shore board in Tapei, Taiwan and Thailand. In 2012, Illy became a successful social influencer, drawing in a large following that would transcend into a brand. Illy discovered his musical abilities in his early 20s through his friendship and collaborations with O.C. producer Ghost Kasen.

His return is only the beginning, it will be exciting to see what March Illy has to offer the rest of 2019. Follow the rising star for daily updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Stream Marc Illy’s Return, Courtesy of Spotify.