Looking for a refreshing set of womxn in rock to dig into? I’ve got you covered. I’ve always identified with womxn in music (in general), and I’ve grown such an appetite, specifically in the digital era, for bringing deep cuts to the forefront. I’ve never enjoyed keeping artists a secret – gatekeeping does nothing but keep gems from shining in the light. From edgy, modernized hard rock to the depths of synth-laden exploration, here are 8 womxn who are currently owning the realms of rock. 


glimmers (pictured above) lead vocalist Maggie Schneider shatters the glass ceiling with her soaring vocal performances, making the band an unavoidable listen. Although a fairly new collective, glimmers is undeniably seasoned. The members of glimmers initially served as the live backing band for Maggie Schneider’s previous solo project, before deciding to join together and create a new emo-pop fivesome. Their shared energy is ultimately inescapable – especially on powerhouse tracks like “Not Good At Goodbyes” and “Fallin”. “I feel really excited about the future of rock music, specifically seeing the genre become more inclusive in recent years. We really hope to inspire not just women, but people of all gender identities, races, and cultural backgrounds. There are so many important stories to tell,” Schneider says. glimmers vulnerability and storytelling are exactly where the band strikes gold, and their delicate nature is where listeners will find themselves falling in love with their freshness. (Photo credit Sophie Harris)



(Photo by Alyson Coletta)


A true queen of diamonds, hard rock solo artist Diamante hits hard. Her latest LP, “American Dream,” was taken into her own label-free hands, and her brand of fierce, guitar-laden rock music is intensely fitting. Having toured extensively with bands such as Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace, Diamante always commands the stage with an adrenaline-fueled set. Tracks like “Wake Up Call” and “UnFuCk YoU” are loud declarations to her listeners that set an angsty tone, and it’s almost impossible to ignore her call to arms. Diamante’s core sound is shiny, pristine, and well-polished, but laced with an undeniably rich sense of self that can’t be taken from her. 



Against The Current

Against The Current, the Poughkeepsie-built rock pop trio led by powerhouse Chrissy Costanza, have been around for some time, yet still continue to expand upon their already-well built fanbase with their new EP “Fever”. The record shows a fierce return to their fiery form of punky pop, but this time around, the fire is fully ablaze. Fast-paced and commanding, the tracks on “Fever” ooze with perseverance, representing a full-circle transformation from their previous LP, “Past Lives” (2018). Filled with sweet, synthy pop songs, “Past Lives” leaned heavily towards the mainstream, while “Fever” hits the full-throttle edginess of their potential. Need an intro song to listen to? Check out “Jump”. 



Honey Revenge 

“Miss Me” is LA-based poppy-rock band Honey Revenge’s debut single, but the group is already buzzing through the metro LA area. The song itself is buzzy – and if it’s any indication of what’s to come for the band, expect sleek, glossy pop production meshed with fuzzy, brash guitars and a dynamic hook. New bands are almost always expected to be unrefined, but you can tell that Honey Revenge Isn’t exactly new to this. “We never want people to know what to expect next from us! Being a pop rock group, we plan to fully express the full dichotomy of both genres to create the total experience for our swarm of listeners,” the band says. A sweet, yet emboldened treat for the ears, Honey Revenge is sure to swarm you.



A Light Divided

Fronted by bright-eyed power vocalist Jaycee Clark, A Light Divided are trailblazers for DIY touring. Drenched in infectious, hook-y, stadium-ready elements, A Light Divided’s most recent single release, “Radio Silence,” is the perfect first listen for fresh fans. Clark’s overall field of energy is what makes the group so boldly dynamic – alongside their skin-tingling, stirring lyricism. Even through a gut-wrenching pandemic, the band continues to cut through any underground noise, happily enjoying their riff-y breakdowns and planning future tours. 




Megawave don’t fit into a singular box, and they like it that way. Sure, there are clear elements of alt rock, and even sweet sounds of pop fusion, but Megawave’s new album “Rainbow Heartache” is a mega-blend of energetic components. Their music is cleansing, dipping into sounds that allow the listener to feel like they’re soothingly drifting through space. “As we are getting to know who our listeners really are, we wanted to create stories lyrically and sonically that would give them the true spectrum of hope and anger we feel is Megawave but also makes it easy for the listener to see themselves in,” the band says. It’s truly impossible to define Megawave, as their sound shifts through many iterations as the album’s tracklist carries on. This is what makes the trio so purely captivating – their ability to shapeshift through a string of dimensions.



Misty Eyed 

True sirens of hard rock, Atlanta’s Misty Eyed are fiercely raucous. Tinged with a taste of the south, Misty Eyed’s new EP “Samsara” navigates around a unique playbook, and ultimately runs through a rather impressive and hypnotizing six-track collection. Lead vocalist Megan Burke is unapologetically a leader. Sleek influences of swirling metalcore and modern alt rock are a nod to Misty Eyed’s range of influences, including Izzy Hale and Metallica. “We’ve spent several years trying to cultivate a unique sound, and while our sound will always evolve and grow with us, we are ecstatic about the direction it’s heading,” states Burke. Misty Eyed represents a distinct fusion – one that they created at the hands of modern rock, and take control of in the edgiest manner. 


shallow pools 

I first heard of shallow pools through the local Massachusetts music scene, as my old band was touring through the area. Initially a trio, shallow pools debuted strongly with their single “It’s A You Thing,” a boppy, colorful, synth-fused pop rock track. Eventually expanding into a foursome, shallow pools have continued to release a steady stream of music, playing into their initial synth experimentation. As members of the LGBTQIA+ community, shallow pools have always been steady advocates, crafting inclusive, warm songs that connect with fellow community members. “Growing up, we didn’t see enough representation in the music scene, so creating an inclusive environment is one of our main priorities now as a band,” the band concludes.