Using background music to set the mood is a time-tested tactic used in online casinos. Music influences gamblers while they play slots.

Numerous studies have found that music can evoke the right emotions in a person and tune him differently. All the specialists of the advertising business have heard about this unique influence and, of course, the companies that produce slot machines. Restaurateurs and shop owners have long used musical accompaniment as auxiliary instruments. They know how to influence the person, make him stay in the store longer, buy many goods, or order a hearty lunch. For music to work for the entrepreneur, it is necessary to consider its style, tempo, volume, rhythm. A new industry is already successfully developing, which aims to increase sales through music.

Does the music affect the players?

Yes, music affects the gambler in the process of playing slots. In addition to the tracks in the slot itself, the music in the gambling establishment itself must be appropriate.

Slot developers pay attention not only to the game stuffing but also to the external component. After all, sometimes, the music tracks in the slot can affect the game’s final choice. Tracks set the game rhythm and allow the player to plunge headlong into the virtual world of entertainment. These facts also are actual for casinos online. For example, in 2 pound deposit casino, you can often hear monotonous and pleasant music. However, there is something dangerous in the musical accompaniment of gambling establishments – the same melody is addictive. This means that the player is overexcited, and his desire for excitement increases.

An experiment was conducted, which found that most players prefer to play with a musical background than without it. According to external factors, scientists have found that players who like to play music are more enthusiastic about the game than people who prefer silence. The volunteers’ hearts began to beat faster, with a melody that meant winning. During the loss, the pulse remained unchanged. Here are some more examples.

1. Creates a relaxed atmosphere

Although quite a few people play for fun, many players take this hobby quite seriously. When high stakes are placed during the game, the tension constantly builds up. In addition, most casino players play at night. Therefore, choosing the right background music that relieves stress is crucial but does not cause sleep in clients.

2. Entertains the players

Casinos are working hard and spending real money to make the game more fun. In the case of an online casino, background music is used to mimic the atmosphere of a real casino with big rewards. So even if you play alone from the comfort of your home, you can still feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino.

How do casinos choose music?

Special attention is paid to music in the casino halls with roulette and board card games. Music is often not turned on in such halls or chosen calm compositions. Tracklists are compiled to not interfere with players placing bets and consider the game’s strategy.

Large gaming halls and casino networks not only choose the music themselves but also often order composers to write exclusive melodies, with which players later associate the casino.

Music at online casinos

Offline casino have successfully used BGM for many years and are bringing this practice to their online casino. Online casinos have been using the magic created by background music since they first appeared in the early 90s. Harmless background music can do a lot – create the right mood or influence decisions during the game. Overall, the music enhances the experience of the game, making the atmosphere both lively and sophisticated. However, players need to remain vigilant and not be tempted to make the wrong game decisions to save their earnings. Go to the official website of Joycasino and try to play for yourself!


It’s amazing how music affects a person. Of course, it is much more interesting to play with a pleasant melody. And if the gambler can and knows how to stop in time during the game, the background music can not be a prerequisite for adverse consequences. Make sure of this by visiting our online casino, where you can find many slots with great tracks.