Music and sport create a perfect partnership. For evidence of this, you need only look at February’s Super Bowl LVi when stars of the rap game, including Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem, made headlines with their halftime show. The quality of that performance was so good it came close to upstaging the biggest game on the American Football calendar. It will certainly be a long time before we see a show as good as that again. Fans in attendance at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood witnessed a stunning display of gridiron action, a showstopping set from modern-day greats of the music industry and the exciting betting markets offered by the biggest sportsbooks in USA.

The halftime show at the Super Bowl isn’t the only example of music and sport working in perfect harmony. Look at the fight game – professional boxing and the UFC. Over the years, some of the best-loved boxers have adopted a song as their ring walk and ended up making it their own. We challenge you to listen to Tina Turner’s Simply the Best and not think of Chris Eubank strutting to the ring. Here Comes the Hotstepper – Prince Nazeem Hamed. That bone tingling Irish war ballad the Foggy Dew – Conor McGregor.



Get the best from your session

Yes, music helps inspire sports stars, stand out from the crowd and create a presence. But you don’t have to be a professional sportsperson or a knockout artist of the noble art to use music to help raise your game. Whether you are dragging your weary body through a gruelling gym session or pounding the road in training for a marathon, the music blasting through your earphones can help you get the best from your session.

It may seem irrelevant when you are thinking about building fitness and muscle while losing weight, but a solid playlist can make all the difference. It can lift your mood when the going gets tough, inspire you to go the extra mile and keep you smiling on those long days. Building the right soundtrack for your workout is as important as diet and sleep. It’s a cog in the wheel. So it’s something you have to get right. 

Can you imagine watching Rocky I without that sparkling soundtrack? Eye of the Tiger? The movie just wouldn’t be as good as it is without that track. Hundreds of boxers train and run to that anthem every day. It’s inspiring and motivational. But what’s your fight song, and which tunes should you have on your gym playlists? Read on as we offer our expert advice on the songs and artists to keep in mind.

Back in Black – AC/DC

Is there anything better than a bit of hard rock to make you step it up a gear? We can’t imagine who wouldn’t be a fan of AC/DC, but even if you’re not, when this hard-hitting tune explodes onto your playlist, you will be hitting the gym hard.

Titanium – David Guetta

A famous dance song that can be used to boost your mood during any type of workout. Not many songs would inspire you to run faster or lift bigger. It’s usually one or the other. This track gives your spirit a lift when it’s needed most.

Mr Brightside –  The Killers

One of those songs you haven’t heard for ages, but it goes down a treat. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, getting people up out of their seat dancing when played on the jukebox or finding that extra 10% when working through a cardio set.

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Most tracks by Eminem are inspiring, but this one does something special. It hits different, and you’ll realise that when adding it to your workout playlist. Lose Yourself can be used on a running playlist, but it’s not as high tempo as some of the others mentioned on this list, such as Titanium. This is one best suited to a heavy lifting session, encouraging you to dig deep and battle through when the going gets tough.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk

The clue’s in the title with this banger from Daft Punk. It’s energetic and inspiring, perfect you are needing a lift or a quick confidence booster.