Music is everywhere. It’s heard at the gym, sporting events, in movies, etc.; there are even songbirds, and if one is a religious person, harps can be heard in heaven. If one even wanted to avoid music, it would be nearly impossible. This fact is what Meikhel Philogene (mononymously known as Meikhel) believes assisted his company in flourishing as much as it has.

Meikhel founded M.E.I. Recordings about four and a half years ago in 2017. M.E.I. (“Music. Entertainment. Imagination.”) Recordings was solely an artist management company with only one artist on the roster, singer-songwriter and producer Cameron Dietz. The company soon grew to have tons of clients. In 2020, M.E.I. Recordings added a public relations division. Meikhel understands the plight of the DIY artist, so his company readily provides greatly discounted public relations rates, especially for artists that are recent graduates or enrolled within a university, community college, trade school, etc. Meikhel, who is also the founder and CEO of brand Psalm Infinity (stylized as Psalm ∞:∞), explains: “I am a strong proponent of and champion education, so I really want to promote [education]. You never know what music-related or ‘non-music-related’ skill or knowledge will assist you in your music career or future endeavors.” M.E.I. Recordings has since worked with numerous music artists that encompass a wide array of music genres and that are from various regions.

Last year proved to be a big year for M.E.I. Recordings’ artists. Cameron Dietz’s single, “Goals,” achieved a placement within the popular app, Weav Run. The Singslayer’s (Cameron Dietz’s alter ego) single, “Bend the Knee” – inspired by television series Game of Thrones, garnered placement on OVERVIEW’s “Overview Summer Edition” compilation album, which was released by OML Sync and distributed by AWAL. Cameron Dietz closed out 2021 with “Old Soul,” which features multi-platinum, West Coast legend The Game.

2022 has already been a big year for the company, and M.E.I. Recordings is primed for even more success this year. M.E.I. Recordings launched its record label division at the top of the new year. In January 2022, M.E.I. Recordings kicked off its record label sect with the release of Ike Rhein’s “Messed It Up,” which features platinum recording artist Luh Kel. The song and music video were released in a partnership deal with Ike Rhein and has since earned millions of streams and views.

The music industry tends to get a lot of flak for the lack of [revenue-garnering] opportunities for musicians. M.E.I. Recordings hopes to offer the solution with its planned expansions. The company is currently in the works of adding a sync licensing and music publishing division. The company is also in the process of creating a talent agency and video production division. The “M.E.I.” brand is steadily rising and gaining traction. The company is true to its slogan/motto: “Music from MEI to YOU that WE can enjoy.”

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