Chart-topping rock band The Revivalists have released a brand new album track ‘Down In The Dirt’ from their forthcoming studio album Pour It Out Into The Night(out June 2 via Concord Records), as lead radio single ‘Kid‘ remains at #1 at AAA for the second week in a row (their fourth career #1 at the format) and Top 5 at Alternative Radio at US Radio. (Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen)



‘Down in the Dirt’ is like a mini family epic that reckons with the big questions of life. I was inspired to write this song after happening upon a performance by ‘Southern Gothic’ New Orleans folk trio called The Wanting. I was struck by their song called ‘Dark Road.’ (Chris Jacob is credited as a co-writer on the song for the inspiration). So, I listened back to that song while walking my dog the next day and the first lines of ‘Down in the Dirt’ popped in my head, and I completed the song over the next few months before the world went on pause for the pandemic,” says Zack Feinberg.


The Revivalists’ hit lead single ‘Kid’ – which has become the first ever song to hit 700+ plays in a week on the Mediabase AAA Chart – is a hopeful anthem invoking the zest for life, self-belief, catharsis and “living for the spirit now” as the song declares, featuring an infectious melody and piano peeking through bright acoustic guitar as intricate layers of the band’s distinctive instrumentation power a euphoric chantable chorusDirected by Johnny Chew, the graffiti-inspired music video features artful, eye-popping stop-motion animation of the band against a backdrop that pays homage to the architectural and artistic aesthetics that define the band’s home of New Orleans.



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