The dark-pop artist, Talia Stewart, has released her fourth single “Sugar.”


Stewart comments “SUGAR compares one of the world’s biggest vices to a toxic romantic relationship. I think everyone has had that someone they think they’ll outgrow but just can’t. My sweet tooth for the person that inspired this song had me crawling back to them no matter how bad the crash was. I recruited my friend, and fellow Nashville artist, Lexi Aviles of Love You Later to feature on this one. Lexi and I both compare sugar to a toxic lover throughout the song. The ice cream truck intro was produced by Aron Rosing and was inspired by the incessant chirping of the ice cream truck that used to plague my street when I lived in West Nashville. In keeping with my last few releases, this song explores addiction and how/why we find ourselves in its grasp.”

This track follows her three previous singles, “ALCOHOL,” “NICOTINE,” and “MONEY.”

Talia’s vocals bring a distinctive jazz style to her dark/alternative sound. Her music often resonates with fans of Billie Eilish, Ashnikko, and UPSAHL. Her songs have been hits on TikTok and landed a placement in the CW series “The Flash.”

Her focus on visuals in the dark pop world sets her apart from other upcoming pop artists, which keeps her high up on the artists rising in 2022.