Featuring gorgeous landscapes and cinematic production, fast-rising artist Nick Phoenix brings the whole “Wide World” to your laptop and mobile device with his latest single.

Our world is a lot bigger than you imagine. When you lift your eyes from your screen, leave your home, and embark on a road trip far away from skyscrapers and apartment buildings, you find a planet full of possibilities. You can make your time on the Earth anything you want it to be, and yet, most people never stop to consider how powerful that makes us.

Nick Phoenix understands the beauty and heartache of our world. The singer / songwriter / composer, well known for being part of Two Steps From Hell, which is the #1 streaming film music artist(s) worldwide, has stepped into the spotlight in recent years with a solo career that commands attention. 2021’s King Of One found the creator dabbling in rock, but for his latest effort, Phoenix is venturing into Americana, and the results are stunning.

Today, Substream is proud to share the world premiere of “Wide World,” the latest single off his upcoming album slated for release on April 29 via Downtown Music. Check it out:

Between the swinging camera movements and heartfelt melodies, it’s easy to lose yourself in the arresting beauty of “Wide World.” As Phoenix sings and performs amid wintery plains, the narrative cuts to a pair of women living out a Thelma and Louise-style existence on the edge of civilization. They bathe in rivers and drive an old truck as far as it will take them, but it’s a violent bonding moment late in the video that serves to reinforce the power of human connection.

Let’s be honest: Nick Phoenix doesn’t need awards or accommodations. His career in film has already given him the pedigree to be recognized and respected worldwide. When you hear “Wide World,” or anything from his solo work, it’s clear that Phoenix is trying to pull something truthful from deep within himself. More than money or power or fame, I think the one thing Nick Phoenix needs is to be heard. And if that’s the case, he can rest easy.

We’re listening, Nick. We’re listening, and we’re excited for whatever comes next.