Today, the Phoenix-based rock band Anarbor have finally returned in time to shake-up this Valentine’s Day with their new single “Drugs.”

The song draws parallels between romance and drugs, as frontman Slade Echeverria and guitarist Danny Stravers delve into the excitement of a newfound relationship, touching on the extreme highs and lows, with the mistakes that are left to learn.

Set to retro guitar riffs and an energetic indie-pop beat, “Drugs” is the perfect track to get you through this season of love.“‘Drugs’ is a song that begins with a story. It draws you in with its catchy guitar riff and retro verse melody. Once the chorus hits, it’s everything you wanted and more. When I heard the first mix, I couldn’t get the hook out of my head for days, so much that I would hear it in my sleep. It’s upbeat and simple, and sometime’s that’s all it takes,” Echeverria explains.

The single release comes accompanied by a music video featuring Anarbor’s Echeverria and Stravers in an MTV-inspired set. Nestled with TV static and cartoon characters dancing along with the band, the “Drugs” visual will take you back to the music video glory days of the early ‘90s.

Slade and I grew up watching music videos on MTV and VH1, and we’ve always been fascinated by the early visual effects in music videos from the 80s and 90s. When our friend and director Cory Davis from Yellowbox Films showed us his rig of old CRT televisions and analog visual effects equipment, we were immediately sold on his vision. The visual vibe of the video fits the theme of the song perfectly, and it’s really cool we had the opportunity to go back in time with this project and make a video that looks like it’s something you’d see on VH1 in the 80s,” says Stravers.

Echeverria continues, “The idea behind the “Drugs” music video was to use some old analog equipment to make a video that looks like it aired on MTV in the late 80s. We wanted to immerse the viewers in an exciting, hallucination-like world that matches the theme and sound of the song. All the quick-cuts, crazy static effects and vibrant colors really make it the perfect video for the song. It makes you feel like you’re on drugs in the best way.”

Check out the brand new single and music video from Anarbor below.