Blending influences from punk, alternative, and music from the 90s & early 2000s, Heathersett’s goal is simply to write music they have fun playing, and to perform as loud and as often as possible.

Despite not being able to perform right now, they just released their first single “Wick to Handle.” 

The band formed in 2019 in Atlanta, in their founding days, the band had a lot of blind optimism, not knowing what 2020 was about to throw at them.

Not all news was bad, vocalist/bassist Craigan Hogeland found himself in a new relationship that influenced much of his songwriting on Heathersett’s debut LP.

“Wick to Handle is just a love song about waiting for your future significant other to become available.”

This track kicks off with an upbeat rhythm and contagious lyrics that will transport listeners back to simpler times. The angsty vocals in this track pay respect to bands like Four Year Strong and Taking Back Sunday while seeking guidance from The Beach Boys and The Beatles. 

“We wrote Wick while essentially still introducing ourselves to each other. The first half is an olive branch; an attempt at conciseness so that we could all start this project on common ground. The second half is a swan dive into what I think makes our band great: If we don’t feel like coming back to the chorus because we found something more fun, then sayonara,” comments vocalist/guitarist, Juergie Landstrom.

The band continues. The recording process was very interesting for this release. After tracking everything in 2019, the final product didn’t feel right. By the time we went back into the studio, COVID-19 had made its way to the United States, so we needed to improvise. We tracked in groups of two, wearing masks and sanitizing the room between sessions. You learn to value your bandmates’ trust when they physically can’t be in the room while you track your parts. The experiment made us stronger.”

Heathersett is: Craigan Hogeland (Vocals/Bass) Juergie Landstrom (Vocals/Guitar) Andy Torrey (Guitar) Zack Mulazzi (Drums)