Overgrow, a project started in 2018 by Jake Ciccotelli, is gearing up to release their first full-length album for early 2022. Today, they are sharing the first single from this release a day early. 

“Time Moves Slow” is the first of many new songs to come from Overgrow before the new year. This signifies the first release for Overgrow as a full band and marks a new era for their sound.

When it comes to the single, Ciccotelli comments “Time Moves Slow” was the first song written after we were done recording Hear Your Voice Again. I had been in some hard situations with a few people I really loved and cared about, and I’d realized my approach was just alienating them when I wanted to see them grow. That realization led to this reoccurring dream where I was laying at the bottom of a valley, and all the people I cared about were looking down on me from above. When I opened my mouth, they all turned around and left. This song is about that dream and what I think it means. All I’ve ever wanted to do was to make a positive impact on the world, but I realized I’d wound up hurting people who never deserved it. The worst things can be done with the best intentions, and this song is about that.”

 “Time Moves Slow”  will be available on all streaming services tomorrow. However, be sure to keep all eyes peeled on Overgrow’s social media for more news on upcoming singles/album pre-order information!