ATYYA, Canadian Producer Tyy Clark, releases his anticipated new project, Odyssey, that takes us deep into his thought process. It’s a vibe. Stream it now via ATYYA Music.

The experience is multi-faceted and the sonic vibrations tranquil. Boasting a total of 8 singles, the EP is a definitive representation of where he’s at as an artist, with a plethora of ideas to share to the masses. “The album (art) represents seeing life as an adventure. There are bound to be many twists and turns, which can be unsettling. Yet, the fact that we can never know for certain what will come next is also what makes life exciting. The cave represents staying in your comfort zone, staying in fear. The view of the open ocean represents endless possibilities that exist in each of our lives. This album invites you to expand how you view your life and see the endless possibilities. Leave your cave and explore the open ocean of potential that awaits you.”

He continues: “The album art is also timely. I started making this album right when the pandemic started. When I reflect upon the past 16 months, everyone was forced to stay home – in their caves. Now that the world is starting to reopen again, we can collectively see the light at the end of the tunnel – to see into a vast ocean of possibilities once again and that, is exciting.”

The new project features breakout songs “Waterfall,” “Reverie” and the project’s title track. Outside the album, Tyy is also a Trained Keyboardist & Percussionist who studied at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. His technical understanding of music combined with his boundless artistic passion fuel his success in the studio. ATYYA’s fans have much to look forward to this year with an array of new music releases, live mixes, and tour dates, supporting ATYYA’s motive to bring friends together through music.