Today, West Virginia pop-rockers A Story Told have released their new song, “Better Than Heaven” The song will appear on their new record, American Made, which will be released on July 16th.

“Better Than Heaven” serves as the second single off of American Made, following “I Don’t Mind (To Get a Little Hurt Sometimes),” which was released at the end of April. “Better Than Heaven” is a stark contrast from the first single, showing that A Story Told still know how to craft pop-rock songs like no other.

Better Than Heaven is any person that grew up on the internet. I think we’ve just become more and more uncomfortable with silence and boredom. So we’ve subconsciously created routines that keep us busy and adopted the new ways of the world to keep us stimulated and entertained. So, special moments in our lives have now become this glorified euphoria where our lives had meaning and we weren’t constantly questioning everything about ourselves and our existence. And everything else we do is trying to amount to those moments. When in reality, life isn’t always shiny,” says vocalist Alex Chaney.

Listen to “Better Than Heaven” below.