West Virginia rock band A Story Told have just announced that they will be releasing their new record, American Made, on July 16th — their first new record since 2017’s Good Looks.

In addition to the announcement, A Story Told have released the first single from the album, “I Don’t Mind (To Get a Little Hurt Sometimes),” which is out now on all streaming services, and comes with an accompanying music video that can be found below.

“I Don’t Mind (To Get a Little Hurt Sometimes)” is part of the next evolution for A Story Told, who have grown tremendously since they first formed in 2013. Further introducing electronic elements into their sound, with vocalist Alex Chaney continuing to use his voice to round out the songs and put them a step above their peers.

Honestly the song was more or less a brain dump of things going on in my life. When I’m not in a very good head space, I often feel like I’m living in the shadow of the ‘bad’ version of myself. So a lot of this song is me talking to myself. I think we inherently have good thoughts, and bad thoughts / good habits, and bad habits. Any relationship in any capacity that comes and goes isn’t perfect and never will be, but most of the time we’re looking for that in other people. It’s easy to be critical. Personal heartbreak and disappointment is inevitable, the best we can do is to avoid inflicting that onto others,” says Chaney.


A Story Told is a pop/rock band that has prided themselves on evolving and showing off their diverse taste and talents. This was no more evident than in 2020, when A Story Told returned with their first new music in three years, releasing a collection of singles throughout the year to re-introduce themselves to their fans. “Home for the Summer,” “Now Now Now,” “Messed Around,” and the throwback-sounding “On and On” let fans of the band know they are back and better than ever. The singles haven’t gone unnoticed, as the band has seen their monthly listeners on Spotify climb to nearly 75,000 on Spotify alone.

A Story Told first formed back in 2013, releasing their debut album, Keep Watch in 2016 and quickly followed it up with 2017’s Good Looks. Their anthemic brand of pop/rock songs have landed them coverage with New Noise Magazine, Idobi Radio, Paste Magazine, and many more.