We’re easy to please here at Substream. We like good music, good visuals and bright colors. Put all three of those things together, and you’ve got our hearts. That’s exactly what Bridget Mendler has created with rapper Pell in her new music video for “Can’t Bring This Down” (via PAPER Magazine).

The video is shot from a top down perspective, and it looks as if Mendler and Pell could be floating in water. Instead of water though, it’s a dazzling collection of pastels and scenery that provide the bulk of the visuals. No shift in color or background is ever the same, and the video is infinitely fascinating to watch. The song itself is a soothing melodic jam with great vocals from Mendler and inspired verses from Pell.

Once you get out of work today (or maybe sneak it in during work!), put on the video for ‘Can’t Bring This Down” and relax. You’ve earned it.