Boston’s Pop Punk Motionyear Unveils New Single + Video “Disarray” exclusively here on Substream! “Disarray” is Motionyear’s first release, with frontman Alex Kouvaris leading former band Quiet Like A Thief on 2021’s ‘Through The Looking Glass.

“Disarray” is probably one of the strongest pop punk singles we’ve heard in 2022!



“’Disarray’ is our brand new single, complemented by a stop motion music video created by the talented Norbert Crowfield (Bad Moon Films). The song is quite metaphorical, describing a verbally abusive and controlling relationship through the lens of a plant that has been abandoned in a bedroom. As this plant sits on a shelf, it becomes covered with dust, lacking water and the nutrients it requires to live. Rather than taking this abuse any longer, the plant escapes this relationship and finds life beneath the soil. In the music video, it starts off with a very gray and dark room. As the video progresses, the dying flowers and vines start to come to life, growing and becoming full of beauty and color. At the end, you can see that these visuals have escaped an abusive and controlling relationship – a form of art if you will – with explosive, vibrant colors and fully-bloomed pedals.” – Alex Kouvaris


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From themes of growing up to doubting what the future may hold, Massachusetts pop-punk project Motionyear curates tracks that color in the transitional periods of our lives. With a captivating blend of throwback and modern vibes, Motionyear collides the old with the new to create something timeless – explosive songwriting, catchy vocals, and a raw edge that puts energy front and center.

Motionyear’s beginnings trace back New York based Quiet Like a Thief, whose debut EP ‘Through The Looking Glass’ picked up acclaim from tastemaker media outlets including Alternative Press, Substream and Loudwire.

Now represented solely by frontman Alex Kouvaris, Motionyear’s debut single “Disarray”, was recorded by Pete Adams. With more new music in the works, the track displays the immersive and hook-laden style of decisive pop-punk that the new creation will be bringing to the floor.


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