A great thing about music is its ability to motivate. Sometimes we all get down or apathetic or just need a little boost to get back on our feet. We need our Rocky music, basically. Washington band Night Argent have heard our needs and delivered in spades with the release of their new single “Dreamcatcher” (via Paste Magazine).

“Dreamcatcher” is an anthem in every sense of the word with crashing drums and victorious guitars driving the song forward as vocalist Chase Manhattan urges you on. The lyrics very much frame life as a battle, but one that you’re more than capable of triumphing in and emerging stronger than ever.

In a press release, Manhattan explained:

“‘Dreamcatcher’ was the first song we knew without a doubt would be on this record. The message behind the song set the tone for everything we recorded from that point on. It definitely echoes the intensity and energy we felt in the studio while working with [John Feldmann] and his team. This record is our war cry. It’s a call to the battered, the broken, and the tired, to rise up and set fire to the fear.”

The record in question is an EP called The Fear, which will be released on July 14 through Outerloop Records. The EP is available for pre-order now through Outerloop’s store and various digital outlets.