Wildera’s story as a band is comparable to the path of a boomerang. They were sent off into the world in one direction, but ended up back together in the end. Rusty Redden and Loren Moore met fatefully on a flight to attend Berklee College of Music, where the two become bunkmates and musical collaborators. Through the years, they were separated because of other projects, but fate was on their side again when the two reunited in Los Angeles and began Wildera.

With Moore’s experience in electronic production, Wildera produce incredibly catchy and well put together indie rock tracks. Though they’re only starting to get their name out there as Wildera, Moore and Redden have tons of experience in music and it definitely shows, especially on their recently released track, “The Only.” Upon first listen, it’s hard to believe that this track is their only single. It’s extremely well-produced and polished in such a way that could instantly put Wildera at the top of the ranks with other indie rock standouts.

When asked about the song, Wildera said: “‘The Only’ really is the definition of catharsis. Everything I wanted to say, but couldn’t.”

Check out the song below, and be sure to follow along as the band take over the Substream Instagram on Saturday, May 13, before their show in Austin, TX.

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