Multiple guitar setups are some of my favorite arrangements in music. Just one guitar is capable of some amazing sounds in the hands of a gifted player, so more than one can be even better. Each pluck or chord works together to create something truly magical. In the case of Ryley Walker‘s new single “Opposite Middle,” the multiple guitar setup has paid wonderful dividends.

“Opposite Middle” is a song that’s absolutely overflowing with musical nuance and detail. As a whole, it’s a lovely uptempo track that pairs the strings with Walker’s soothing, hypnotic vocals. After you’re done listening for the first time, go back and pick one guitar to follow through the whole song. Doing this, you’ll discover all of the clever and brilliant ways Walker has arranged the song to bring the most out of his writing and the instruments.

Asked about the song, Walker said in a release “‘Opposite Middle’ was the last tune written for the record. At first it was slow. Like crawling pace. What a bummer that would have been, yeah? Somehow it worked itself out to become the only bonafide fast jammer on the record. I was thinking a lot about making my brain work better and the guitar playing of David Grubbs and Steve Hackett. I can’t play as well as either of them but I was thinking about it.”

The record Walker is referring to is Deafman Glance, his upcoming release on label Dead Oceans. You’ll be able to hear the full album on May 18, but in the meantime give “Opposite Middle” a listen below.