MOD SUN releases what could be his best video to date for “Amnesia”. The video is shot more like a movie with a crazed out, older pop-punk fan that reminds us of Ms. Havisham from the book/movie Great Expectations. The elderly, female fan captures MOD SUN, puts him on display as a piece of art and has him perform for her lavish dinner party friends. The video starts where “Flames” left off. Avril Lavigne and MOD SUN are both standing at the current grave site for Internet Killed The Rockstar and ending in the same spot giving the viewer a vibe that MOD SUN is living a similar life to Phil, played by Bill Murray, in the movie Groundhog Day.
(Photo by @thatsnathanjames)



“Machine Gun Kelly always tells me that I’m the art, so why don’t we make a video that’s me being the final art piece,” says MOD SUN. “I wanted to make a video about an art collector, the biggest MOD SUN fan in the world and they have been collecting every piece from MOD SUN that they can get and the final piece is MOD SUN himself. I was making this and wondering when does this world of collection stop? Does it only stop when you actually collect the person? Is that the end goal? That’s what I made this video about.”


The Internet Killed The Rockstar Deluxe Album (Big Noise) features eight new tracks including acoustic renditions of ‘Internet Killed The Rockstar’ singles and original studio releases. The powerful and emotional 19-track collection unlocks a new chapter of MOD’s decade-long career and sees the “authentic” (PAPER) artist at an all-time high. LISTEN HERE


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