Substream has teamed up with singer-songwriter Rozzi, who’s on the road this summer with OAR and American Authors, for an exclusive tour diary about her experience on the road. Life on the road means the thrill of getting to perform and share your music in front of thousands every night – but it also means a lot of downtime in between. Rozzi is sharing it all, from what it’s like being on stage to all of the little things she finds in between.

Known for powerful, soulful vocals and heart-wrenchingly honest lyrics, Rozzi is currently promoting “Joshua Tree” from her debut album Bad Together. Listen to “Joshua Tree” while you check out the first week’s installment of Rozzi’s tour diary below!

Post 1:
Rozzi - Week 1 Post 1
So much of tour looks like this. For a few hours a week I get to sing for you, meet you, and watch my friends play music. The rest is freeways, gas stations, another Walmart parking lot. I really love the feeling of being in motion – I love to walk, I love to drive – maybe that’s one of the reasons I can handle all the traveling, I love the feeling of getting somewhere.
Post 2:
Zac from American Authors took this photo during my set in Council Bluffs. One of the coolest things about tour is going to a city thousands of miles away from home and hearing people sing my songs back to me. I am so in love with feeling connected to people – I love that I can have a real conversation with a stranger because they’ve been listening to my album and, in a sense, know me already. It works both ways. I can hear about their break ups and heartbreaks and it’s not weird because we’re already connected through the songs. I’m addicted to that feeling.
Post 3: 
Rozzi - Week 1 Post 3
I think people think of tour as this chic, sexy thing, but this is a more honest snapshot of it. Tour is amazing but it can also be uncomfortable, gross, lonely, and exhausting. This is me very cozy with a box of merch driving from somewhere to somewhere and it honestly could be any city in America. I DON’T KNOW. 
Post 4: 
Rozzi - Week 1 Post 4


Me and my cute team walking to stage in Duluth. Shannon Callihan is playing guitar and singing BGVs with me this tour and she’s amazing (I really recommend stalking her Instagram; she has more followers than me and it’s very upsetting). Tour is kinda like camp – we’re together all day every day and we’re all kind of escaping our “real lives” for a period of time. So everyone gets closer faster. It’s fun. 

Post 5: 
Rozzi - Week 1 Post 5


In Los Angeles, matcha is everywhere. It’s not even on the menu but they all have it back there. The rest of America, however, doesn’t have this $7 a cup devil drink on every corner and it’s better for me financially, but when I find a good one I feel probably the same way I’d feel if I won a Grammy. 

Post 6:
Rozzi - Week 1 Post 6
This is the first bed I got to spend more then one night in for the past week and it was a great one, thank you OKC! I watch so much TV on tour, too. I’m watching Seinfeld for the first time (it’s great, who knew?), this documentary called War Room on Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign was great. So was the season finale of The Bachelorette but it broke my heart! Love you Hannah!! 
Post 7:
Rozzi - Week 1 Post 7
Ugh, singing is so fun. Sometimes it feels like a magic trick that I’m able to use my voice in a way that affects people. Or maybe I should call it a gift. I just love it so much! If I couldn’t sing, I think I’d be a raging monster with emotions attacking me from every angle. Singing is like opening the door and getting them OUT. That’s what I’m most grateful for about tour – that I get a chance to express myself like that every night really is a GIFT.

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