Audrey Nuna, rising R&B artist and rapper, releases a liquid breakfast featuring ten original tracks including the critically acclaimed ‘Comic Sans’, ‘damn Right’, ‘Blossom’ and her latest single ‘Top Again’. (Video Below)

“a liquid breakfast’ is a sign of my adolescence. It’s the soundtrack of my move from the suburbs into the city back into the suburbs. I was a kid when I started writing it. I’m still a kid but there was definitely some Pika to Raichu action throughout the course of this project. I hope I stay a kid forever.” She continues, “Duality is a big recurring theme of this project and my life. Nonchalant and overthinking, foreign and familiar, hard and soft, ugly and beautiful, alone and lonely. I wrote a lot of this project from my apartment in New Jersey, recorded a bunch of it in my closet, sweating,” explains Audrey. (Photo by Khufu Najee)



The music video for “Top Again” was directed by Trey Lyons and features rapper and producer Saba. “’Top Again’ is a song about the end of the world,” Audrey explains. “This was last March or April, when it truly did feel like just that. I wrote it on my mom’s balcony patio on a rainy day. I imagined what it might be like if there was a huge backyard party on the last day of the world – everyone would be dancing in the rain and refusing to go back inside. I recorded the demo vocals on Garageband because I spilled my sister’s coffee on my laptop that morning. The whole song was done remotely (outside of the background vocals) and that process was foreign and strange to me.”

On working with Saba, Audrey adds, “I’ve been a Saba fan since college. CARE FOR ME is fucking amazing. I actually fainted next to him at a Smino concert at Irving Plaza once, right behind J Cole. So this was a full circle moment for me.”

Listen to a liquid breakfast HERE

Comic Sans (feat. Jack Harlow)
damn Right
Cool Kids
Get Luv
Baby Blues
Top Again (feat. Saba)
Long Year


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