Get Even Entertainment And The Trep Agency Merge To Form Bowery Entertainment Group

Artist manager Jack White of Get Even Entertainment and and booking agent/artist manager John Damiano, of THE TREP AGENCY (TTA) today announce their merger to form the new company Bowery Entertainment Group (BEG).

Bowery Entertainment Group was founded in 2021 inspired by the pandemic and the drastic changes the music industry underwent this past year. Jack White and John Damiano had been brainstorming some new ideas for their artists, ultimately resulting in them deciding to create this new company. BEG will specialize in guiding its clients through the ever-evolving music business during and post COVID.

With decades of combined experience, John and Jack, have been at the forefront of the digital revolution of the music business. Jack gained his experience working at multiple agencies such as Paradigm before founding Get Even Entertainment, overseeing several independent artist releases.

John signed his first record deal at just 16 years old and spent 13 years touring as a professional drummer with Thieves And Villains (Victory Records) and Freshman 15 (StandBy Records). John now focuses on booking Nickelodeon/ film actor Danny Tamberelli’s band and his “Nostalgia Personified” throwback 90’s themed events. In addition, he books tours and manages artists across genres including alternative rock, punk, metal & hip hop. John also founded branded parties like Emo Night Karaoke and Wizard Fest which has toured across the US.

Jack says, “When the pandemic hit, so many people just sort of put everything on pause with no idea what to do. We saw this as an opportunity because it’s not like the music industry is just going to disappear, we just have to adapt and learn how navigate a very different landscape.” He continues, “The massive and sudden change was absolutely devastating for everyone; and while we suffered our fair share of setbacks, we also used the time to take a step back and reevaluate our approach to the industry – we viewed it as a chance to pivot in a much bigger way.”

John says, “Jack and I share a similar vision about the future of the music business. With BEG, we now can execute that vision in a joint partnership. I have been changing with the music business as it is over the last few years and the past eight months really drove that point home that I am so far removed from a traditional booking agency, I wanted a name that more accurately represented who we are and what we do.”

Bowery Entertainment Group (BEG) represents artists across genres who are poised for success. They craft tailor-made and innovative career plans designed with the artists’ vision as a foundation. They will specialize in artist management, tour booking, and branded events. The collaborative and multi-faceted organization will cover every aspect of the music and entertainment industry to maximize their artists’ potential.

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