Just last month, it was announced that the up-and-coming Finnish indie/rock band messier have signed with SideOneDummy Records and announced their new album.

On Malaise will be released on May 7th via the label, and was announced alongside the release of the single, “Salt Water Flush.” Today, Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with messier to exclusively bring you their newest single, “Pollyanna,” a day before it hits streaming services.

“Pollyanna” is a further introduction into messier, as it finds itself being quite different than it’s preceding single — which is an intentional outcome for the band. For messier, they founded their band on the balance between beauty and anger, hope and despair, tension and release, as singer/guitarist Lauri Huumonen explains it, “Having that full range of dynamics is really important to us. Loud and soft, light and dark; songs need to have a little bit of everything in order to feel human.”

This dynamic comes from their appreciation and passion for American and British music, that despite Huumonen and his bandmates — bassist Antti Orajärvi and drummer Kristian Jokilahti — all growing up in northern Finland, grew to love and adore. So for the trio, their music — as illustrated by the two singles released so far — walk the fine line between gritty aggression and delicate sensitivity, using all of their combined experiences to craft music that is insightful, yet witty in it’s moments.

All that being said, “Pollyanna” shows the softer side of messier — one that puts the melody and hook front and center. “Pollyanna was probably the first time we explored our more mellow and nuanced side of our writing. It’s a very dear song to us and for what it’s worth it seems to be bit of a crowd favorite as well,” the band tells Substream.

Listen to our premiere of “Pollyanna” below.