Seattle’s very own Sloucher have been working through the Pacific Northwest over the past couple years with their very own brand of indie guitar rock. They even released their debut EP, Certainty, back in 2016 — which we were able to premiere.

Since that release, Sloucher went on to perform shows with bands like Angel Olsen, Portugal. The Man, Guided By Voices, and more.

Now, Sloucher has returned with the news that they will be releasing their debut album, Be True, on November 16th via Swoon Records. The record continues to build upon their heavily influenced 90’s sound, as prior to recording the band culminated a playlist of artists such as blink-182, Sheryl Crow, Elliot Smith, and more. At the end of the day, this lead them to really focus on the guitar-work between these artists and use that. “I feel like people are kind of brushing off guitar rock, it’s not something that’s super cool right now – at least not in the mainstream,” Sloucher’s Jay Clancy says. “So we’re trying to tap into that base of people who are still really into that music and have an appreciation for it.”

Be True was recorded by Sloucher last October, was they trapped themselves in Earwig Studios with engineer Don Farwell. In case you were curious, half of that time was simply working on guitars, with the majority of the base tracks being done with the band all in one room together. Sloucher’s Kyle Musselwhite explains that “After Certainty, we were interpreting the recordings that Jay made. We wanted to bring new energy into Be True. In that process, I think we all realized we love playing loud and bringing more energy and gnarlier rock elements to it. We amped that up a lot.”

To celebrate the album’s announcement, Sloucher has released the title-track — which you can stream above. It is the first of many reminders off of Be True, that the band continue to add compelling elements to their sound, and should get any fan of 90’s rock excited for what’s to come from the band moving forward.

Be True will be released on November 16th via Swoon Records, and can currently be pre-ordered here. Check out the album’s details below, as well as Sloucher’s handful of upcoming tour dates.

Be True artwork and track-listing:

sloucher be true

  1. Blurring The Line
  2. Be True
  3. Perfect For You
  4. Complacent
  5. Melodrama
  6. Waiting To Start
  7. Cloverdale
  8. Here
  9. Up And Down
  10. Wanna

Upcoming tour dates:

10/25: Neumos w/ Wild Powwers – Seattle, WA
10/27: Grandma’s House – Bellingham, WA
11/23: Barboza (record release show) – Seattle, WA