Write Home is a self-proclaimed “anthemic, impactful, and vibrant” three-piece rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. You listen to their music and immediately it becomes clear that these self-proclamations are well-deserved.

The band spent 2016 touring throughout the U.S. and Canada as a metal group that had partnered with Tragic Hero Records. However, 2017 saw the band make some big changes, and they wound up spending the year writing and honing in on the sound that would wind up being Write Home.

The band set out to look back on what made them get into music in the first place, and ultimately wanted to write music that they wouldn’t be ashamed of performing when they get older. Not only is that one aspect of it, but the members of Write Home write music as if they are headlining sold out stadiums every night — even if they are not currently at the point of playing such headlining shows.

This larger-than-life stadium rock sound can be found on their debut single, “Overgrown.” The song discusses being the road, personal relationships, and finding their home away from home — be it a person or an experience. The song mixes together upbeat, straight rock instrumentals and vocals that are meant to echo in the largest stadium. “For us, it’s about the solace that we found in playing music and being on tour. This is the life that we want to live until our bodies are completely unable to do so,” explains Write Home.

While “Overgrown” has nearly eclipsed 200,000 streams between YouTube and Spotify alone, the band did not stop there. They ultimately released their second single, “Gloss & Bloom” just last month — a more than adequate follow-up to their masterfully crafted debut single.

Now just two days out from the release of their debut EP, Overgrown, we are premiering one more single for you: “Ambrosial.”

“Ambrosial” is yet another perfect example of how Write Home can write music that encompasses music that is loud and ready for the big time. I’s anthemic and ready tot take on the world all on it’s own. “All of the tracks on our EP showcase our various influences and interest in different genres of music, and we always want to push the boundaries of what we think defines Write Home’s sound. The three of us have spent years playing in metal bands together, and ‘Ambrosial’ is a product of the love we still have for heavy music and playing high-intensity shows,” they explain.

If you like what you hear from “Ambrosial” and the previously released tracks, you can pre-order Overgrown ahead if it’s release on October 26th.

Overgrown artwork and track-listing:

write home overgrown

  1. Sow
  2. Overgrown
  3. Gloss & Bloom
  4. Ambrosial
  5. Violet
  6. Reap