New York-rock band Unwill only formed in 2015, but they were able to sign with Entertainment One shortly after. It didn’t take long before they were sharing stages with Vanna, Norma Jean, letlive., He Is Legend, Ghost Key — ever performing on select dates of the 2016 edition of Warped Tour.

2017 saw Unwill release their debut album, Past Life, which gave the music world a longer, extended look into the band and death they have to offer. Most recently, the band released their single “Sometimes” in early-2018, and just last month announced their new album, Can’t Kill Me. On the forthcoming record, the band explains that it was “Self-produced in a barn in upstate New York, this record is a journey of ego and spirit through the power of rock ‘n’roll.”

Unwill released the first single off the record, “Keep It Gold” just earlier this month and it let everyone know that this group knew how to craft their own unique brand of rock and roll. Today, we have “Slaves” — the second single from Can’t Kill Me — for you to check out, and you will find it below.

“Slaves” shows Unwill taking a different approach to their sound, as it shows some restraint. The guitars are still undeniable from a place of straight rock and roll, while it’s overall a bit more relaxed and willing to take the listener on a melodic journey rather than an in-your-face anthem like “Keep It Gold” Expanding on “Slaves,” the band explain that “If Can’t Kill Me is a journey through spirit and ego then this track represents the spirit. Everyone questions what’s going on here and there’s only one answer…”

Can’t Kill Me will be released on November 16th, and below you will find the album artwork and track-listing.

Can’t Kill Me artwork:

unwill can't kill me

Can’t Kill Me track-listing:

  1. Keep It Gold
  2. Big Dog
  3. Getaway
  4. Fault
  5. The Circus
  6. Intention
  7. Slaves
  8. Say What?
  9. I’ll Be Damned