Singer Jordon Salgado weighs in on a track by track breakdown from A Better Hand‘s new release ‘Cheap Smokes and Champagne’ which is set to release 2/26 on Mutant League Records.


Silhouettes was the first track we started working on for this new release and was to us, a pretty good throwback for fans of our last EP. Lyrically the song is a look into addiction and trying to overcome it. It was a very important song for me and the writing process for this one lyrically was a little more focused than some of the other because of its meaning.

Sleep With The Lights On
Sleep With The Lights On was a really fun one to work on and is ultimately about caring too much about what others think. It’s about feeling stagnant and feeling like you’re on a come down after a big moment in your life. After that big high, everything just sort of goes back to normal and it’s a really depressing feeling.

Wrong One
Wrong One is a product of us really just having a fun time writing a tune and not getting too in our heads about the overall meaning. The song is sung from the perspective of a guy that’s kind of a player. He kind of gets the script flipped on him though because the girl he’s singing about is playing him. She’s in control of the situation and he’s falling for her so he can’t do anything but let it happen.

Autumn Leigh
This is a cool one because I wrote this song like 5 years ago as a solo acoustic song. We kind of just went back over it and wrote parts to make it a whole band thing. Lyrically it’s a breakup song about realizing that you were the reason things didn’t work out. It puts into perspective that you aren’t always the victim, sometimes you need to come to terms with the fact that you aren’t perfect and you could have done things better.

Get It Right
Get It Right is a jam about feeling at place on the road, but it’s also about having a special somebody to help piece you together when you’re burnt out or going through something. It was one of the last songs we finished up for the record and I think it was a fitting last track.

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