The 21-year-old artist is gearing up to make her mark on the pop genre.

If you have been on TikTok, YouTube, or any other social media platform recently, you have probably heard SNOW WIFE’s addictive pop single “American Horror Show” via  Amigo Records and music publishing company Prescription Songs. An earworm, a bop, a banger, or whatever one wants to call it, SNOW WIFE has given the internet’s young music fans what they’re seeking— club-ready, accessible pop that can easily fit into a girl’s night out, a high school talent show performance, or a solo bedroom dance session.  Born Emily Snow, the 21-year-old singer took the internet by storm with her danceable, raunchy song, accompanied by a mesmerizingly theatrical music video. As for its inspiration, Snow says that she grew up listening to a lot of “hyper-pop girls.” “I was always interested in Ash Nikko and the Gazelle Twins. Those were the girls I listened to, so when I wrote ‘American Horror Show’ with two of my friends, I didn’t think the lyrics were that raunchy until I posted it. I wrote American Horror Show in January and I definitely think it was the first time that I wrote a song where I started really believing in my project. American Horror Show is the first song where I felt [like I was] represented as an artist and it represented my aesthetic as a pop artist.” One may think that the new artist is trepidatious about her newfound fame, but she’s been working towards this for a long time, walking along a somewhat non-linear path to get there.  After training to be a dancer for 10 years and diving into creative writing in childhood by writing short stories, the songwriting bug bit Snow. “Switching from dancing to singing was a natural process. I moved here to Los Angeles to dance. I was dancing my whole life and then I just went through a hard time as soon as I moved here for dance. I was in a place where my anxiety was really high and I ended up secluding myself for a long time as soon as I moved here. That’s when I really started writing music. As soon as I discovered I had a talent for writing songs and making melodies, everything in my life made sense. It felt like I was meant to be an artist in that way.” In their period of isolation, Snow found solace in writing music, making her let the sun into her life where gloom resided.

Press photo of artist SNOW WIFE
(Credit: Falcon Publicity)

Zooming from her home in LA on a Friday afternoon, the young artist is relaxed, outgoing, and ready to embrace her burgeoning stardom. Displaying a sunny demeanor to match the background of her room, Snow is ecstatic about the reaction that “American Horror Show” has received.  “I was so excited that it was doing so well on Tik-Tok because niche songs do well on Tik-Tok and it’s just about continuing to expand on that. It’s cool to me how many people like a song like ‘American Horror Show’ and how many people are getting behind sex-positive music and queer music. I think that is what’s important to me. It’s exciting that people support those kinds of themes.”

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Snow (she /they) entered the industry with dreams of being a touring dancer, training in dance for most of her life. After moving to Los Angeles a year ago, Snow discovered her talent for storytelling and songwriting. Channeling her childhood struggles, Snow provides a unique perspective as a lyricist. Her vocal tones and storytelling capabilities paired with punchy & urgent production allow her narrative to cut through to the listener and add to the depths of her artistry. Thus far, the project has been heavily influenced by multiple genres including pop, alternative, and rap music, and developed with her close collaborators Slush Puppy and Jason Hahs. Wanting to make a music space where everyone is represented, Snow is using her EP to “commercialize” the sound of queer pop music. “I think it’s a sound that I’ve always believed in and it’s the sound that’s becoming more digestible in a commercial space. I think that’s what people want. Commercial music should always be moving forward. That’s the point of my artistry.”

A rebellious single that quickly captured the attention of fans— the song has garnered over three million streams on Spotify, landed the artist on the cover of Spotify’s Dope AF playlist and the video has racked up 1.8 million views on Youtube— Snow says that she did not initially think that “American Horror Story” was a raunchy tune and was heavily influenced by the TV series “American Horror Story.”  “I didn’t even think it was that raunchy. [laughs] It was about American Horror Story because I watched the season [titled] ‘Coven.’ and there’s the season of American Horror Story where Lady Gaga is on it and it’s so iconic.”  Inspired, Snow walked into the recording session with two songwriters and wrote the hit track after hearing a beat that someone else created that was not attached to a producer. “We were writing off of a beat and then I heard the sample beat for the song. I felt like it was giving ‘scary movie’, ‘animal’, and ‘I’m that bitch’ vibes. I put together the concepts of ‘American Horror Show’ and ‘American Horror Story’ and we went from there.”  Obsessed with BDSM, Snow wanted a European club scene to be reflected in her music. “With the lyrics, I think that’s what I was aesthetically going for. It was a fun time.”

Creating the video was an equally fun process for Snow. “There’s an A-side and B-side to the video, so I did a full music video for the song and a performance video which is the complete opposite of the music video.” Snow’s writing process is one that is based on vivid mental images and creativity.  “When I write songs, I usually write them to cater to what a video will look like and it’s how I’ll come up with the next section of a song. When the beat starts playing, I envision what the music video looks like and it’s what gives me inspiration for the songs. For example, when we go in ‘on the second verse and it’s like ‘It’s a freakshow baby / I’m a ring leader’  [sings] in  ‘American Horror Show’ I very much have the exact image of the dancers being in contorted poses and I’m walking through them.” Calling the process of making a music video “natural” for them, Snow says it was enjoyable to collaborate with her friends who are dancers. “We were able to hang and create together. It’s been fun for all of us because we have a lot of creative freedom and we get to make things together.”

The songstress has more music on the way— Snow is releasing her debut EP Queen Degenerate on September 22nd. According to Snow, the sound of her upcoming project will be one of niche pop. “Queen Degenerate is a title that I’ve had for a very long time. I think that the genres of the music that are involved in the EP have changed since I made that title. I made that title a year ago. Around this time, I knew that I wanted my first full-blown project to As I kept writing songs throughout the year— I’m so new to songwriting, I’ve only really been writing songs in the music space for a year and a half—the songs were similar to ‘American Horror Show’ but the more I kept writing the more I started to fall in love with implementing the same ideals and aesthetic of my niche sub-culture songs and ‘American Horror Show’. I got really obsessed with turning those aesthetics into more pop-leaning music. It’s my interpretation of underground rhetoric that you see in hyperpop and queer music in general.”  Always conjuring up something fun, fans will be able to hear new music from this budding artist soon and get a sense of her range. Snow will be able to show the pop world her full artistic ability, going beyond the internet to display all of the fun, creative things she has been up to.


SNOW WIFE Press Photo (Credit: Falcon Publicity)