California recording artist Franny London exploded onto the music landscape with her breakout projects, Cold Water and California Poppy. Now, the “Dining With My Head At The Table” hitmaker returns with an exquisite new song, titled “Metal.” The captivating pop single displays Franny’s beautiful vocal performance, infectious melodies, and her layered songwriting.

Written and produced by Franny London and Sam Irving, “Metal” is a true pop song made for the evening, for driving on Mulholland drive, for spy movie chase scenes, for driving on the coastline listening as loud as you can. On production, the track is driven by drum patterns, lush synths, and harmonic guitar arrangements, over which Franny London exudes the strong lure of desire and a delirious crush. On the making of “Metal,” London explained:

“Metal is inspired by desire, it is about the impermanence of desire. It is about the ways in which we fall seamlessly in and out of love, in and out of the chase. Power dynamics are always in shift, never static. It is about the continuous, rise and fall of time, and the constant rebirth and mischief that comes with fresh love. It was inspired by the push and pull of love. By the games we play to actually connect. It’s the best kind of love. I wrote it through the lens of a chase scene in a dark city, but with a jovial quality. The sexy, spy-movie version of a chase scene where you emerge from the smoke better for the fight.”

“Metal” prepares fans for London’s forthcoming new album, currently untitled, which is in development. Her latest song is perfect origin point for newfound fans to hop on the artist’s bandwagon. Her distinctive brand of experimental art-pop is both sprawling and precise – an invitation into her glittering, labyrinthine world.

Stream “Metal” below, and for more Franny London, follow her on social media.