The world feels a little bit cold these days. Things are maybe not going as well as they could be going! Even on a daily basis in our own lives, I’m sure we all know people who are mean, cruel, and generally a bunch of jerks. It’s been said a million times by people smarter and more eloquent than me, but really the world would be a better place if we all just acted a little bit nicer, understood where people are coming from, and stood up to bullies and jerks when they’re picking on people who can’t defend themselves. LA electro-pop artist FLAVIA clearly feels a similar way, as its the basis of her new single “Hateful.” We’re excited to premiere “Hateful” today and hopefully make your day a little bit brighter.

“Brighter” is a word that applies more to the overall message of “Hateful” than the sound. Sonically, “Hateful” is big and dense, a mammoth construction of synths and percussion. Over this towering array of sound comes FLAVIA’s voice, at times crystal clear and at times oozing with distortion as she takes aim at the bullies of the world. “Hateful” contains the perfect blend of melodic pop that keeps the track moving and electro-pop trappings that build it into a musical tidal wave to glean new details and instrumental wonders from on each listen.

When asked about the message of “Hateful,” FLAVIA says “‘Hateful’ is about real experiences in my life that opened the way to the larger issues of animosity, division and bullying in our society. This powerful song stands for kindness, strength, and human connection. I hope to reach out to victims of hatred and bullying and remind people to treat others with love and respect.”

You can listen to “Hateful” below. If FLAVIA’s song gives you some joy, I suggest you go out and pass on that joy to someone else in your life as well.