British indie-pop band Pale Waves have released a brand new single, “Easy,” which serves as the third single from their upcoming album, Who Am I?.

“Easy” is a shimmering pop anthem about being in love with being in love, and is accompanied by a darker, almost Tim Burton-esque type video — serving as a stark contrast to the song’s bright, energetic sound.

Love can change your whole perspective, not only of yourself but of life too,” says Pale Waves’ frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie on the inspiration for the single. “It’s the most heartfelt moment throughout the album and it is a genuine, feel-good love song. Originally, ‘Easy’ was a piano ballad but I wanted to put more energy behind the instrumentation to enhance how love can uplift, drive, and inspire you hence the dramatic musical change.”

The video visually brings to life one of the main lines of the chorus ‘you keep the lights on for me,” continues Heather. “The whole video’s theme is a wedding, I wore a wedding dress throughout and we shot the video in an old, abandoned church. I am really inspired by the gothic medieval aesthetic and, at the time I was thinking of the video, I was watching a lot of Tim Burton films. His creativity really inspires me.

“Easy” follows singles “Change,” a catchy, retro-guitar track made up of stories of heartbreak from Heather’s friends, reflecting the different moods and emotions that we all go through, and “She’s My Religion” which sees Heather embrace her sexuality to represent a queer relationship without hiding behind the clichés of oversexualization or playful experimentation.

Pale Waves will be releasing Who Am I? on February 12th via Dirty Hit Records and can be pre-ordered here.