When Jeremy Da and I met in person for the first time, it was quite a freak show. It’s true. Silverchair doesn’t get enough love in the states, and Jeremy and I happily discussed and ranked the band’s epic catalog below for YOUR benefit. If you don’t scroll down, there’s the door:

5. Frogstomp (1995)

JD: Hi, Scott.

SW: Hi, Jeremy.

JD: We agreed on this list entirely. Pretty cool. I think that this is the band’s least favorite silverchair album too.

SW: And you’re not throwing any shade by saying such.

JD: Don’t get me wrong: All silverchair is good silverchair, but the band evolved into a completely different animal by the end of its career.

SW: It’s not the band’s faultline, bro.

JD: That dad joke was a pure massacre, bro.

SW: I am I am Israel’s son. Israel’s son I am.

4. Freak Show (1997)

JD: You. Sure. Are. Anyway, “The Door” is a pop gem.

SW: Underrated track. Underrated record.

JD: Great riffs. Less aggressive and grungy. The band alienated a lot of its fans as it started to develop.

SW: By the time the band returned to the fickle fickle United States, nobody came.

JD: Mic drop.

SW: Freak.

JD: I’ve learned to hate this article and we’re not even halfway done.

SW: I won’t abuse you anymore after we finish.

3. Young Modern (2007)

JD: Speaking of things ending, Silverchair finished its career with “Young Modern”. The title says it all and the album totally delivered.

SW: I feel like you’re a mind reader, Jeremy.

JD: The dad jokes cause me to lose sleep… and I’m a dad.

SW: Insomnia?

JD: (groans)

SW: I love this album. I love all silverchair albums. I love this album’s opening track. I love all silverchair albums’ opening tracks.

JD: Same. What a band.

SW: What a band.

JD: This band writes in movements. Revisit “Those Thieving Birds” if you haven’t spun it in a while. If you’ve never heard the track, please stop everything that you’re doing right now and listen to it.

SW: I feel like you’re a mind reader, Jeremy.

JD: And I feel like you know too much!

2. Neon Ballroom (1999)

SW: “Emotion Sickness” was the gateway drug that caused me to become an obsessed silverchair fan.

JD: It tangled your heart.

SW: That’s our point of view. I’m a point of jew.

JD: (mouth wide open)

SW: Epic. Orchestral. The definition of musical progression.

JD: Absolutely, dude. I’ve been listening to “Neon Ballroom” for the past few days, and I love how the band mixes the aggressiveness and pop sensibilities in each and every song. Classical. Grunge. SO good. The full McCoy.

SW: The real deal.

JD: The real deal.

SW: I asked myself, “Do you feel the same?” in response to what you just said. I will answer with one word: “Fuckyesido.”

JD: Fuck yes you do.

SW: 1999 still holds up!

JD: 20 years later!

1. Diorama (1999)

SW: Diorama.

JD: Diorama.

SW: I saw silverchair on tour for this record. Best. Concert. Ever. (pauses) Ever.

JD: Ever.

SW: And that’s all I have to say about that.

JD: Without you I’m nothing. P.S. Listen to the outro to “Without You” right now at 3:20. You’re welcome.

We opened our Spotify playlist with “Without You”. Say that sentence out loud and never stop shouting Silverchair’s praises.